Zeina's Cakes

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Round or Square Cakes

6" round =   5 servings (only for tiered cakes)

8" round = 10 servings

10" round = 15 servings

12" round = 20 servings

14" round = 30 servings

Please note that most of my square and round cakes are Baked and filled to give you 4 layers of cakes and 3 layers of filling. These cakes will range between 3.5 and 4 inches tall. There are few exceptions when it comes to carved and sculpted cakes.​

Cake Sizes & Servings Chart

Please see the below chart for cake sizes and servings when trying to determine the right cake size for your event. A serving size is around 1" x 3" x 4" per slice. I use the industry standard Cake Sizes and Servings Chart. If you want bigger slices, you need to account for that and choose a larger size cake to accommodate the serving size you want.